Margo Glass

Web Design | Branding | Marketing Communications

Teaming with clients to develop and translate your marketing, marketing communications, and branding strategies into an effective and strong online presence.

Web Design

Your website is your business’s first impression in today’s day and age. We work together to portray your business with the professionalism and level of quality you want your customers to see.

We apply marketing principles to your web design through a clean and usable interface, strong imagery, clear typography, strategic content, cohesive branding, and points of reference and contact.


Consistency is key to branding. Your brand is the sum of your name, logo, symbols, taglines, and key messages all working in combination to define your business, target your customer, connect your business to your customer, drive marketing efforts, and establish loyalty. It is important that all of your branding elements work harmoniously in concert together for greater impact and overall effectiveness. An unfocused approach can confuse your target audience and dilute your marketing efforts.

Whether your brand is established, needs assistance, or is yet to be identified or defined, we can help. Ensure your brand is clearly identifiable across all platforms, media, and collateral. We will help you develop your brand and connect your brand image and messaging throughout your projects.

Let us take you to the next level.

Marketing Communications

Marketing communications is your voice to the customer. This is your chance to express yourself and begin your interactive relationship. Together, using your voice and inline with the overall branding strategy, we address any and all elements of the marketing communications mix to draw your customers in and keep them actively engaged in your products and services.

The trifecta